Cars, rockets, flamethrowers and even a Cybertruck but how about a...

Tesla cyberboX


Elon Musk has given the world S3XY cars, flamethrowers, spaceX rockets and even a Cybertruck.

I was inspired by the unique design of the Cybertruck and after having completed a 3D model of the upcoming X-box series X gaming console, I decided to see what a Tesla-themed gaming console could look like.

I present the cyberboX!

Idea, design, 3D build, rendering, post-processing done by me!

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Scroll down for an interactive 3D model which you can view right here in the browser!


3D interactive model

About me

My name is Martin Hajek, I am a 44 year old former Industrial Designer living in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in working together with me I am available to work on 3D ideation, concept design, modelling and visualisation projects.

You can contact me via email: 
martinhajek [at] outlook [dot] com
or find me on twitter: @deplaatjesmaker

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disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tesla. The Tesla trademark is owned by Tesla inc.