Samsung Dezeen design competition 2019 entry:

Samsung Galaxy Watch / Phone

Samsung Galaxy Watch Phone

This is my entry for the Samsung / Dezeen 2019 design competition

The Samsung Mobile Design Competition is a global contest that challenges contestants to come up with innovative new ways for Galaxy mobile devices to be used in the future.

I entered into the “Next Mobile + category” which tasked the contestants to design a new accessory for Galaxy devices which enhances the device and provides added value for the user.

You can read more about this competition on the website of Dezeen right here:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Phone

my design revolves around the Samsung Galaxy Active Watch

Scenario / background story

Samsung Galaxy Watch Phone

What if you wanted to go to a festival and did not want to bring your big Galaxy S10 phone?

What if you could bring your Active Watch but still be able to make calls and take pictures to share with your instagram friends?

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch Phone – an easy way to transform your Samsung Galaxy Active Watch into a lightweight phone

3D interactive model

How does it work?

Design elements

The phone is a lightweight, plastic device with some simple electronics built-in to connect it to the Galaxy Watch Active. 

It is waterproof and rugged and can be used under a wide range of conditions.  A simple numeric keypad allows for simple text entry as well as for dialling phone numbers.

A dedicated shoot button allows the user to make a quick photo and post it to his/her Instagram account.

For connectivity, it can either use the SIMcard in your Galaxy Active Watch or in your regular phone, or, you can simply use a seperate SIMcard.

A high quality image sensor from Samsung is integrated in the back, allowing the user to take beautiful pictures. 

Just like on the front a dedicated ‘shoot button’ is placed on the back so that the user can easily take selfies and post them on his/her Instagram account.

Target audience / usage shots

About me

My name is Martin Hajek, I am a 44 year old former Industrial Designer living in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in working together with me I am available to work on 3D ideation, concept design, modelling and visualisation projects.

You can contact me via email: 
martinhajek [at] outlook [dot] com
or find me on twitter: @deplaatjesmaker


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disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Samsung or Dezeen. Samsung and the Samsung logo are owned by Samsung.