iPhone 7?

Taking the display to the edge (literally)

Based on an idea from tech editor Steven Tweedie from Business insider I visualized what an iPhone 6 would look like with the display pushed to the edges. You can read the entire article on Business Insder – click here.

One concept looks at making the display wider – by doing so the overall physical dimensions of the iPhone become smaller than that of the iPhone 6.

The other concept imagines a display which goes all over the front … with a few holes in the display where the speaker and touch ID/home button go. Making displays with holes (and round edges) is now a possibility thanks to innovative work from Sharp http://www.theverge.com/2014/6/18/5820338/sharp-free-form-display-technology-announcement

Oh, and I ‘fixed’ the protruding camera barrel on the back :-)

iPhone 7?

putting a hole in the display to make room for the speaker/front camera array:iPhone 7?

Extending the UI to match the larger display:iPhone 7?iPhone 7?

Left: wider display, middle: iPhone 6, right: full area displayiPhone 7?iPhone 7?iPhone 7?

moving the speaker upwards to keep the size of the iPhone as small as possible:iPhone 7?iPhone 7?iPhone 7?iPhone 7?iPhone 7?iPhone 7?iPhone 7?

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